RTW Spring 2014


Salvador Dali once said, “…Desire, phobia, and obsession are the terrorists of truth.” As a young artist, I only knew him as the man with the melting clock paintings. It wasn’t until I stumbled into an exhibition of his work in Prague that I began to appreciate his esthetic and relate to his manic and unrestrained imagination. This Spring 2013 collection is inspired by desire, fear, and obsession along with interpretations of my most beloved Dali illusions. The line includes ready-to-wear garments constructed of black and white stripe variations, sheers, silk crepe and original print designs complimented with hard elements. This collection includes, for the first time ever, menswear and a modest, yet edgy swim suit. The entire goal for this particular body of work was to not only push the bounds of my comfort zone as a designer, but to also evoke emotion from the audience and take them somewhere inspiring and thought provoking.

Photography: Glenna Ashley
Makeup: Autumn Mickel
Hair: Katy Jones
Models: Jasmine Broadnax, Josh Burt, Suzy Cash, Travis Cline, Olivia Enright, Catherine Gorrell, Danny Jacobs, Autumn Mickel, Natalie Rich, & Sarah Thor